Same-day Broadcast of New Drama : “Hoping to Give You a Big Hug Tonight” starring Honoka Yahagi

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We here by announce you the same-day broadcast of upcoming drama “Hoping to Give You a Big Hug Tonight” on WAKWUAKU JAPAN, starring Honoka Yahagi from big hit drama “Mischievous Kiss (Itazura Na Kiss ~ Love in TOKYO)”. The drama starts from Saturday the 29th of September, right after Japan broadcast.
This is the live-action adaptation of the novel of the same name, itself based off of a tweet from the much beloved "Aoi Blue" (@blue_aoi). Honoka Yahagi, known as the queen of modern love comedies, and Masaru Mizuno, the leader of "BOYS AND MEN", play the lead roles.
Yahagi plays Riko, an individualistic student of a women's college and clumsy when it comes to love. After years apart, she encounters cameraman Shuji (BOYS AND MEN's Masaru Mizuno), a past flame and her first love. Together, they're caught up in the romantic turbulence amongst three other men and women. This drama clearly depicts the fun and delightful side of romance, as well as the heart-rending side.
You can find the details of the program here.
We have more latest dramas starting from October and we will inform you the details on this website soon. Don’t miss it!