WAKUWAKU JAPAN celebrates 4 year anniversary
with new channel promo starring internet sensation PIKO TARO!!

WAKUWAKU JAPAN CORPORATION (HQ: Tokyo Minato-ku, President & CEO Masafumi Kawanishi, hereby called WAKUWAKU JAPAN) celebrated its Japanese general entertainment channel WAKUWAKU JAPAN’s 4 year launch anniversary on 22 February 2018. In commemoration, the new channel promo featuring PR Ambassador PIKO TARO will be aired in the 7 territories of Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Mongolia.

The new channel promo features a new song produced by PIKO TARO’s producer, Daimaou Kosaka. It shows and introduces famous sights and specialties from all over Japan, accompanied with PIKO TARO dancing to the rhythm. With a combination of song and rhythm that is very characteristic of PIKO TARO, the promo embodies WAKUWAKU JAPAN’s mission of spreading Japan’s attraction and culture all over the world through entertainment.
The promo will begin airing simultaneously on all 7 territories of WAKUWAKU JAPAN on 19 March, reaching up to 9.3 million households. The promo will also be released on WAKUWAKU JAPAN’s Facebook and YouTube channels today ahead of the TV broadcast. Please check it out.

WAKUWAKU JAPAN has been delivering the charm of Japan to the world together with PIKO TARO through his appearance in events and programmes. We will utilize this promo to reach even more countries. Going forward, WAKUWAKU JAPAN, together with PIKO TARO, will continue to bring lots of ‘WAKUWAKU(Japanese word for thrilling, excitement)’ to people around the world and increase the number of Japan fans.

◆New Channel Promo Launch Information

◆Excerpts from interview with PIKO TARO
For the promo, were there any parts you were particular about?

Ms. Tami (PIKO TARO’s wife) sang the song for this promo, and I used the version that she sang at a karaoke joint as is. Then I created the WAKUWAKU JAPAN choreography to match the song. I hope that everyone will remember the moves and dance together. That’s all, I think.

Oh, there was one more!
We went to a lot of different places. It looks like we just used a green screen for it, but we actually went to the places in person too. There was a flying scene wasn’t it? I really flew for that scene! So I really hope the viewers will appreciate the effort that we’ve put in. Oh, and also how well the green screen scenes were done. It’s a catchy song with catchy choreography so I hope it will become a promo that will make everyone want to watch tens, or even hundreds of times.

◆PIKO TARO’s Profile
PIKO TARO is a singer-songwriter born on 17 July 1963 in Chiba Prefecture. In Autumn 2016, his song PPAP was a hit all over the world, and has currently garnered 120,000,000 views online. He has been appointed the WAKUWAKU JAPAN PR Ambassador since May 2017.


Official Website
WAKUWAKU JAPAN is a Japanese general entertainment channel, airing 24 hours a day, and offering variety of programs in the local language. Through the broadcasts and its promotional activities, WAKUWAKU JAPAN aims to show to its viewers the Japan of today, along with its entertainment, culture and the many local goods from all around Japan to increase the viewers’ interests of Japan.

WAKUWAKU JAPAN is currently airing in 8 countries/regions, which are Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand and Philippines.