WAKUWAKU JAPAN to air the latest TV Asahi drama “BG” starring Takuya Kimura!

WAKUWAKU JAPAN Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Representative Director Masafumi Kawanishi, hereinafter WAKUWAKU JAPAN) has announced that its Japanese general entertainment channel WAKUWAKU JAPAN will broadcast the TV Asahi latest drama series “BG” in Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Mongolia.

In “BG”, Takuya Kimura takes his first shot at a role as a bodyguard who protects his clients without carrying any weapons. Takuya Kimura plays “Akira Shimazaki”, a bodyguard who hides his professional career of bodyguards to join a private security company's personal protection division as a new hire. With the prevalence of social media today, even unknown citizens can suddenly become targets of attacks in this new society. Bodyguards protect not simply their clients' lives, but also their property, honor, and societal status from harm. The gritty, vivid portrayal of the life of a personal bodyguard along with the star-studded supporting cast has been stirring up public attention even before the series has started airing.

Yosuke Eguchi, who plays “Yoshiaki Ochiai” working for The Metropolitan Police Department's Security Police, stands opposed to the private security company, while the escort target, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare “Aiko Tachihara” is played by Yuriko Ishida. Of course, the performances of the star-studded cast - made up of Takumi Saito (playing Akira's colleague “Masaya Takanashi”, a former Self Defense Forces service member), Nanao (portraying the only female bodyguard in the division, “Mayu Suganuma”), Mamiya Shotaro (playing the youngest of the team, “Seitaro Sawaguchi”) and Takaya Kamikawa (playing “Goro Murata”, the department head of the personal protection department) - are not to be missed.

WAKUWAKU JAPAN has persisted with great effort to bring Japan's latest dramas to their viewers from across the region. In order to bring the best Japanese dramas, WAKUWAKU JAPAN has always paid careful attention to future titles before deciding on what to broadcast. The painstaking process of broadcasting latest dramas includes achieving localization, careful adherence to broadcasting regulations of each country/region, and streamlining of broadcast delivery processes. Nevertheless, these efforts have paid off and the drama time-slot has garnered favorable reviews with many viewers enjoying the programs. “BG” definitely would be another drama series that our viewers from all over Asia who have different cultures and backgrounds can enjoy. WAKUWAKU JAPAN hopes to garner attention in the various regions, and expect a steady increase in its fans.

◆Broadcast Summary

  • Program Title: “BG”
  • Countries/Regions to be aired in: Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia
  • Broadcast Details:
    Countries/Regions Broadcast Start Date Time Slot Subtitle Language*
    Indonesia 28 Jan 2018 (Sun) 21:00 – 22:00 Bahasa Indonesia
    Myanmar 28 Jan 2018 (Sun) 20:30 – 21:30 English
    Singapore 28 Jan 2018 (Sun) 21:00 – 22:00 English
    Taiwan 28 Jan 2018 (Sun) 21:00 – 22:00 Chinese (Trad.)
    Sri Lanka 28 Jan 2018 (Sun) 19:30 – 20:30 English
    Mongolia 28 Jan 2018 (Sun) 22:00 – 23:00 English


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WAKUWAKU JAPAN is currently airing in 8 countries/regions, which are Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand and Philippines.