Broadcast in Japan and 7 other countries and regions, the biggest Japanese outdoor live event
- From Nov 3rd, a 9-hour broadcast over 3 nights in 6countries and regions in Asia, first broadcast in Mongolia -

SPACE SHOWER NETWORKS INC. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Minato-ku, President and CEO Masashi Kondo, hereinafter SPACE SHOWER NETWORKS), and WAKUWAKU JAPAN Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, Minato-ku, President and CEO Masafumi Kawanishi, hereinafter WAKUWAKU JAPAN) will present a broadcast of a three-day outdoor event, SPACE SHOWER SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2017 (hereinafter, SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2017), for 3 consecutive days from 25 August 2017. Plans for broadcast in seven other countries and regions have also been finalized (24 - 26 November).

SWEET LOVE SHOWER is an outdoor event sponsored by SPACE SHOWER that first started in 1996. This is the 22nd year the event has been held. It will take place this year from 25 (Fri) - 27 (Sun) August 2017 at the Yamanakako Communication Plaza KIRARA in Yamanashi Prefecture. Lake Yamanakako was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2013 as part of the cultural sites of World Heritage site, Mt. Fuji. This "open-air festival at a World Heritage site" has since become one of the attractions of summer.

From popular young musicians in the spotlight, to the top musicians of the Japanese music world, there were a total of 63 performing artists at the event, and a turnout of around 70,000 people enjoyed three days of electrifying live performances. In order for their dynamic, moving and exciting performances to reach an even greater audience, there will be a large-scale broadcast of the event in Japan as well as in seven other countries and regions around the world, to be held in the period of October to December. SPACE SHOWER NETWORKS will broadcast the event in Japan, while WAKUWAKU JAPAN will be broadcasting the event overseas to Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia. This marks the first ever broadcast in Mongolia.

In recent years, various Japanese artists have performed live shows overseas, and there has been an increasing focus and demand for Japanese music in Asia. The overseas broadcast of SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2017, featuring appearances from top artists, will allow fans abroad to get a chance to enjoy the Japanese music they love. Additionally, one will also be able to look forward to an increase in the popularity of Japanese music, and a broadening of artists' activities.

This year's SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2017 will feature popular artists like Toshinobu Kubota, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Porno Graffitti, Yuzu, and Alexandros. This event showcased the power and passion of Japanese music not just to the people in Japan, but also to people all around the world.

◆Event Summary

  • Event Name :SPACE SHOWER SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2017  (Held on 25 August - 27 August)
  • Location :Yamanakako Communication Plaza KIRARA (Yamanashi Prefecture)
  • Attendees :Approx. 67,000
  • Official Site :

◆Broadcast Summary *Indicated in local time

Country/Region Channel Broadcast Date Broadcast Time Broadcast Language
Japan SPACE SHOWER TV Oct 20, 21, 22 21:00-24:00 Japanese
Indonesia WAKUWAKU JAPAN Nov 24, 25, 26 23:00-02:00 Bahasa Indonesia
Myanmar Nov 24, 25, 26 22:30-01:30 English
Singapore Nov 24, 25, 26 23:00-02:00 English
Taiwan Nov 24, 25, 26 23:00-02:00 Mandarin
Sri Lanka Nov 24, 25, 26 21:30-24:30 English
Mongolia Nov 24, 25, 26 24:00-03:00 English

*Broadcast time varies depending on the dates. Please send an inquiry for further details.

◆Performing Artists

A total of 63 artists performed at the event.


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WAKUWAKU JAPAN is a Japanese general entertainment channel, airing 24 hours a day, and offering variety of programs in the local language. Through the broadcasts and its promotional activities, WAKUWAKU JAPAN aims to show to its viewers the Japan of today, along with its entertainment, culture and the many local goods from all around Japan to increase the viewers’ interests of Japan.

WAKUWAKU JAPAN is currently airing in 8 countries/regions, which are Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand and Philippines.


  • Company Name : SPACE SHOWER NETWORKS Inc.
  • Address : East Roppongi Building, 3-16-35 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo 〒106-8011 Japan
  • Established : 24 December 1996
  • Capital Stock :JPY 1,920,580,000
  • President and CEO : Masashi Kondo
  • Shareholder Composition: Itochu Corporation 34.38% FUJI MEDIA HOLDINGS, INC. 16.65% KDDI Corporation 13.24%
  • Aside from the management of Japan’s biggest music channel Space Shower TV, SPACE SHOWER NETWORKS Inc. showcases Japanese music culture through multiple angles, which include media and contents such as music event production, artist management, music labels, live music venues, book publications, collaboration café management, etc.


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Space Shower TV is a music channel with a focus on Japanese rock and pop music, airing 24 hours a day across genres and time periods. With a lineup of programs featuring content such as original special programs focused on artists, live concert programs covering venues of various sizes, video clip programs covering everything from mainstream popular to underground music, as well as live concert information programs with special ticket reservation perks for viewers, the channel is necessary viewing for all music fans. Since the birth of the channel in December 1989 as Japan’s first music channel, the belief and aim to introduce good music has been the driving force behind connecting artists and fans of music.