WAKUWAKU JAPAN’s new original program that can be enjoyed as a family, starring Pikotaro and Keropons, will begin airing on 2 October!

WAKUWAKU JAPAN Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Masafumi Kawanishi, “WAKUWAKU JAPAN”) has announced a new original program for learning Japanese language as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ venture to support overseas development of broadcast contents for 2017. In order for the children around the world to cultivate interest in Japan, “aJapan – Let’s Enjoy! Play & Learn Japanese” (“aJapan” hereafter) will begin broadcasting on 2 October 2017 (Monday) in Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Mongolia. (In Thailand, it is planned to air from 30 December 2017 to 27 January 2018.)

“aJapan” is an educational program that uses songs, rhythms, and animation to cultivate familiarity with Japanese sounds and where families can enjoy learning Japanese together.
The program casts are “Pikotaro” who has created the PPAP boom around the world, and “Keropons” whose exercise song, “Ebikanics” is greatly popular with kids. Using rhythmic music and videos which both parties are strong at, a good number of segments have been put together for kids to naturally and enjoyably remember Japanese while moving their bodies.

Pikotaro will provide a new original song to be the opening theme of the program, and will appear in the segments “One Word Japanese” and “P-P-Pikotaro”. With Japanese and Japan as the theme, it will convey the joys of Japanese to children worldwide. On the other hand, “Keropons” will be performing in “Dance Time”, a segment to remember the names of body parts while dancing and singing to the song the duo composed. In addition to remembering the terms naturally, it is also a segment that helps with the health of your body. Children in various parts of the world will be able to have fun while learning Japanese.

Also, during the broadcast of the program, there will be a global contest to win special prizes for viewers who post videos or static images on social media. In addition, the outstanding posts of viewers who uploaded their own version of Keropons’s “Dance Time” will be broadcast during the program.

Japan’s educational children programs have obtained acclaim overseas for its high-quality composition and videos. Our channel too, has received viewers’ requests for a Japanese children program that is both safe to watch and trains their intellect. Together with answering viewers’ needs, and with a display of greater personality through the program composition with Pikotaro and Keropons, this new program is intended to make use of good quality edutainment content to convey the various sides of Japan.

Pikotaro, cast of “One Word Japanese” & “P-P-Pikotaro”

[PIKO TARO’s Profile]
Age: 54 years old
Date Of Birth: 7 / 17 / 1963
Home Town: Chiba Prefecture
Blood Type: A

“Pikotaro” has made the following comment with regards to appearing on WAKUWAKU JAPAN’s “aJapan”.
“I would like for the children across the world to come to like Japan in some form, such as wanting to visit Japan or wanting to try Japanese food. I will spice up the program greatly, so everyone, please do tune in.”

* NOTE: as of September, 2017

Keropons, songwriter and cast of “Dance Time”

[Profile of Keropons]
Music duo formed in 1999 with Ms. Yuko Masuda (Kero) and Ms. Akiko Hirata (Pon).
Composed and choreographed many children songs. Event appearance such as for family concerts, childcare seminars for teachers of nurseries and kindergartens, and others.
Their representative work “Ebikanics” is a popular exercise song at kindergartens and it has been played over 15 million times on YouTube (September 2016).

Keropons commented that
“We want children from all over the world to learn Japanese through music and dance. We hope they can be familiar with Japanese through this program!”

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aJapan promotion movie (PIKO TARO & Keropons)


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